A preamble

Hello to you, dear reader, who happen to stumble upon my blog as you wander around the fabulous World Wide Web. I want to give you a very warm welcome to my newest internet home! I’m Zay Arguelles and you are reading ‘where words fly’.

Our first order of business is me, myself, and I. My name, Zay, is pretty rare. It’s short, which makes it easier for you to remember (so that’s convenient). I actually find it a little weird because my parents just probably made it up and I don’t know if it has a proper meaning or definition. I did try asking Google (as most people do nowadays… Don’t even deny it! You know you do it. YES. YOU. DO.) and apparently Zay is an ethnic group, a language and a river. When you Google me, you would probably end up here (I certainly hope you do!) because as far as I know there’s not much Zay Arguelles in the world. Well, I haven’t met anyone or found anyone with the same name as me and I like that. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if I’m the only Zay Arguelles in the world?! (yeeeaaah, I just sounded like a narcissist, right there.) I’m 19 years old. I’m currently living in London. And I’m an undergrad student. You’ll get to know me more as I continue posting on this blog. So don’t yah worry peeps, you’ll know more stuff about me… I promise!

So, here is where I’d be sharing my wits and an awful lot of words. (I’m not really sure about wit. I’ll let you be the judge of that. ^_^). I will try to blog constantly to provide you a share of my thoughts and antics because, you know, one day I just woke up and thought that the amazing people of the internet would somehow care to know all about them. You do, don’t you? *smiles* Say yes, even if you don’t! Of course, I want to hear from you too. You could find and send me comments or questions on twitter (@zay_arguelles) or simply type anything you want to say in the comments below. Let’s make this as interactive as it can be since the internet let us do just that.

This page will serve as a journal of my experiences, it will be an outlet of my sentiments and, most importantly, it will be a platform for my opinions. I believe that everyone have something to say and stories to tell. All we have to do is speak-out and be heard. And this… THIS BLOG.. It allows me to have that chance. Blogging is one of the many ways, made easily available to us by the internet, which let us sculpt our identity, create our own brand and leave our mark so we don’t get lost in this busy world. I want to make the most of that opportunity, so here I am!

This is how I make my grand entrance into the blogging world. Once and for all, let’s get the words flying.

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