Zoofari mobile zoo to visit Islington high street


UK’s largest mobile zoo is to pay Islington a visit this spring. Zoofari will bring the safari experience to the local residents from 11th to 12th of April as it sets up a place at the heart of N1 centre in Upper Street.

Children and families can come and meet some of our scaly and furry friends from 11am to 3 pm.  Animal handlers are going to be on-site to educate guests and also provide entertainment for them with actual animal interactions. Shoppers and visitors can spend time with the animals and have fun at the event for free.

Lynn Glover, centre manager of N1 Islington, said that they held the same events last year and they proved to be really popular with the shoppers.

During the events there are going to be 8-10 animals on show. Zoofari parades animals ranging from meerkats and wallabies to tarantulas and varieties of reptiles. Sarah Gilmore from Zoofari said: “We have various animals that we bring along to shows. The most popular are the meerkat and the skunk.”

Local mum Kerry Smith, 28, said: “It’s only up the road, so we’ll probably go to it.” She thinks her two toddlers would enjoy it especially her son. “He will definitely enjoy it. He’s crazy about animals!”

The Zoofari organization, with the tagline “Let the zoo come to you,” uses the animals as ambassadors of their species in the wild to raise awareness on ecological issues and raise funds for conservation projects at the same time.

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