I am a book person. Literally.

Don’t you just love the feel of physical copies? The pretty covers. That unique smell of new books.  The bliss of turning actual pages. The crease you make on the spines. And that amazing look it has when put in a bookshelf. I love all these things… So, I absolutely hate any electronic devices that attempt to replace books.

I see the convenience and handiness of reading from Kindles, Ipads or any other e-book reader. It’s easy; a lot of people love them. I’m not a particular fan but I do suck it up when it comes to textbooks because as much as I hate e-books, I also hate borrowing books. Textbooks are many and expensive, so I’ll be totally broke if I try to buy all of them. I prefer to spend on luxury reads when I can.

But today I’m found myself faced with the displeasure of reading from my Ipad. THE NIGHTMARE! *rolls eyes* The root of this crisis is the publication of What Really Happened in Peru of The Bane Chronicles.

The Bane Chronicles tell the story of Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare. It will be publish every month from April until December and will include ten short stories about Magnus’ adventures around the globe and through-out centuries. The series is a brainwave of Cassandra Clare and two other YA authors, Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan. I’ve read works of MJ and she is amazing. Just follow her on twitter and that’s enough proof. As for Sarah Rees Brennan, I haven’t read any of her series but I do have The Demon Trilogy sitting in my shelf. I’ve met her once in a book signing and she’s lovely plus utterly funny! I know she could channel Magnus’ character perfectly well.

I love The Mortal Instruments (maybe a little too much?) and The Infernal Devices is one of my favourite series. To add, Magnus Bane is one of my top characters too. (It might not just be me as this series would not be around if there’s not a lot of people who do!) SOOOOOOO, I’m a tad too happy about The Bane Chronicles. There’s a bit of a pickle though. What Really Happened in Peru is only available as an e-book… that is also true for the other stories. The whole series won’t be produced in print editions, at least not until the collection is completed. (For more information, visit Cassandra Clare’s website)

So there’s that. I had to choose whether I don’t get to know Magnus’ stories and find out some of the mysteries around that crazy fun character or suffer through reading from my Ipad. I deduced that the later is an easier compromise. Still… I don’t like it one bit.

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