My favourite insect. Actually, the only insect I like.

I love butterflies. I am obsessed! From bookmarks to candle holders, I love everything butterfly. I bought books because they have butterflies on the covers; they are such an eye-candy on the bookshelf.

As much as I love the metal, plastic or wooden butterfly decors, nothing would beat the real ones. The adorable flutters of their wings and their amazingly vibrant colours are just some of the simple miracles of nature. It just so happen that they are my favourites. Unfortunately for me, the blasted weather here in England doesn’t allow for much butterflies. I came from a tropical country where the butterfly population thrives, so it comes as an immense frustration that I don’t see them around. Even during the freaking summer!

Hence when I heard about Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum, my eyes lit up and sparkled a little bit. I mean, a butterfly exhibit? Oh, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

So I went and take a couple of pictures and the some more.

Of course, I wanted some pictures of myself with the butterflies, therefore I tagged-along one of my friends, Stephanie Sandro (seen in the pictures above), who took the photos below. A lot of butterflies even landed on me. I was well thrilled!

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