Oh my Gus!

I am usually one of the first people to know news about my favourite books, especially when a particular book is in the process of being adapted into a film. I am all over it! Hence, I am also the bearer of anticipation or angst among my friends. However, this morning, I’ve been hit by a casting news like it was stone. Like being hit by a stone… it wasn’t pleasant.

I am knee deep in revision, so instead of finding a news article about the one of my favourite fictional heartthrob being finally casted I had the pleasure of finding out about it in my Facebook news feed.

Okay. Picture of the Ansel Elgort and just a caption saying “So we have Augustus Waters” + loads of hashtags. No context or other background information provided. Therefore, I didn’t know that John Green said that he like the casting etc etc.

My face contorted in all directions.

I know. Nobody would be the “perfect” Augustus Waters. Am I right, The Fault in Our Star fans?
Augustus or Gus even exists in different ways, shapes and forms in our creative heads. Our illusions of this particular fictional boyfriend are so unique to us. The same goes for any other characters and that is an amazing thing. Having this outlook instilled in my head, I pride myself at being quite good at dealing with casting news most of the time. But there’s also a downside because it also makes the casting news sometimes difficult to process since you already established a certain image in your head and set sky high expectations.

However, today, my ‘don’t-be-quick-to-judge’ and ‘deal-with-it’ instruments are somewhat off. I also just woke up and the news was not really something I’d want to wake up to if I get choice. In a manner of speaking, I turned into a giant squid of anger the moment I saw the picture on my feeds.

I just don’t really see any vibes of Augustus Waters radiating from this actor’s face. I am wishing (‘wishing’ alright! NOT ‘expecting’) for someone lanky but with an endearing awkwardness to him. It’s not a good argument but I guess (considering that I like The Fault in Our Stars so much and the protagonists) I kinda want myself to have the ‘YES! I could picture *insert actor’s/actress’ name here* as *insert character’s name here*’ kind of reaction. Can you blame me? It’s Gus! I had that reaction to Shailene Woodley when they casted her as Hazel Graze; my brain was hard-set on getting the same reaction to whoever they would cast as Augustus. Hence, when my brain didn’t get what it wanted… It sort of freaked a little. Then I remembered that so much as physical qualities/resemblance matter (Don’t even say that they don’t! *squints* even a little!), Augustus is an intellectual hottie. So if Ansel Elgort can pull that off, everything will be cool.

Brain recovered gradually through the day. I trust that the casting directors are good at their job. They are at least a thousand times better at it than I am, right? Quick google searches also comforted me that John Green likes the casting a lot and that he sees them as the teenagers in the book we all love. If there’s anyone to trust at all, I think it’s the genius who wrote them in the first place. I trust the man.

I can deal with Ansel Elgort as Gus. I can like him. And even if I still ended up not doing so, another source of comfort is the fact that since I’m hard-wired against the ‘movie Augustus’… The Augustus in my head will always be the best. He’ll never be replaced by the actor’s face. And maybe, I’d prefer it that way.