Filipina designer finds her own skin on London catwalk

Ecdysis Collection on London College of Fashion Degree show 2019 catwalk

Filipina-British fashion designer Faye Arguelles debuts her collection at #LCF19 Degree Show on 18 July 2019. ‘Ecdysis’ showcases a collection of couture pieces underlying the present need for humans to wear masks as protection from pollution, while also drawing inspiration from nature itself.

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Faye Arguelles read Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Textiles majoring in Embroidery at LCF

Stirred by her birth country’s nature and landscape imageries, Arguelles contrasts heritage lands like the rice terraces – carved into the mountains by the hands of Filipino ancestors and indigenous people – with mining sites caused by urbanisation.

“Ecdysis means shedding the old skin. I wish for it to express the constantly changing ways of our earth caused by nature and the civilisations in it. There is always a layer of new skin to find,” Arguelles said.

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Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

Like how you put flowers up to wilt, I hang my feelings up to dry

Preserved beauty with no life, it crumbles as time dances by

To dust it dissolves, just like our love after we said goodbye 

One thousand garlands suspended in time

IMG_5110 copyThe Life in Death installation at Shirley Sherwood Gallery in Kew Gardens offers an “alternative concept of beauty” through the evolving nature of its medium. Best known for her international floral installations, Rebecca Louise Law‘s most intricate large-scale artwork to date is exhibited at Kew from the 7th of October of last year until the 11th of March 2018.

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Giovanna Fletcher Book Event

Giovanna Fletcher celebrated the release of her latest novel, Always With Love, with a book event at Waterstones Trafalgar Square.

Always With Love is the sequel to best-selling author Giovanna’s debut novel, Billy and Me. It tells of the new much-anticipated chapter to Billy and Sophie’s romance.

As one not to miss a signing event of an awesome author, I let my friend drag me to it.

Giovanna Fletcher – Always With Love | 2 June 2016, Waterstones Trafalgar Square

The prettiest Waterstones

Well, was…
Inside Waterstones New Street in Birmingham

It came to me as a sad sad news that the most beautiful Waterstones I’ve ever been to has closed down. It may be my favourite Waterstones, with all its grandeur found in the high ceilings, grand staircase and mezzanine – which provided a great view of the store and the shelves below. (Although, Waterstones Piccadilly is a close competition being the biggest bookstore in Europe and all)

I’ve heard the news about it closing down but it was still heart-breaking to see the blacked-out windows and scaffoldings around the building during my recent visit to Birmingham. No more are those hours of browsing in this 20 000 sq ft of book heaven.

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What is it about YA books: A look at its popularity and fandoms

I have a profound love affair with the Young Adult genre. This is something that I am proud to admit and also something I cannot deny since, as you will find, my fondness for YA has leaked into my work. The following article is a piece I’ve written for an assessment when I was at university. As they say, “write what you know” or “write what you love.” Well, why not both?

First published on 16 July 2014 on Where Words Fly.

Over a decade into the boom in Young Adult Literature and 2014 looks like it is still yet the year that the Young Adult genre is going to be cemented as a true force.

There were 30 000 Young Adult titles published in 2009, which is a massive increase from the 3 000 titles in 1997. In the same year, publishing companies’ total sales for YA exceeded $3 billion and it has been publishers’ favourite bet ever since. To add, according to an artice in The LA Times, more than a dozen publishers has launched young adult imprints. And finally, with websites such as Epicreads releasing lists of “The 15 Most Anticipated YA Books Coming” every month since September in 2013 to date, it is evident that YA popularity is as strong as ever if not growing even stronger.

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