Measuring it by eye

Listing and writing down recipes… That is something I am yet to practice religiously. It’s not really because I don’t want to share or it’s just me being lazy (Err, this part is partly true. lol). It’s more because I have acquired the treasured and passed down tradition among Asian generations of “measuring it by eye.”😂

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Dark chocolate, rosemary and olive oil cake

The #StruggleIsReal with getting some baking ingredients this lockdown period. One of the items I’ve had a hard time finding the most is unsalted butter. So, if you are like me who have struggled with that during this lockdown period… here’s a chocolate cake recipe that don’t need it!

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Witch Kitchen

Hi! I am Zay, your resident foodie.

I love cooking, eating, and feeding people, hence the avalanche of content for this food blog. Preparing a meal from scratch is a magical opportunity; cooking in itself is a ritual. They are also chances to bring vibrancy and richness to someone’s existence, or even just your own.
I’m Filipino-British, so expect content from the two countries I call home. I will be posting pictures of bakes and dishes usually cooked, styled, and (of course) eaten by myself. I’ll also recommend past and present restaurant haunts.
There’s something about food that brings levity and soul to your day. You can also count on them to lift your mood and spirit. Whatever goes on in the kitchen isn’t then… a wonderful kind of witchery?
I hope you join me on this journey of trying to paint life with flavours. And, let’s always try to eat and live magically! ✨

P.S. Not an actual witch! Or am I? 😉