Saving the future of chocolate

West Africa is the source of more than 90% of cocoa consumed in Europe.

But while western countries indulge in chocolate, more than half of cocoa farmers both in Ivory Coast and Ghana still live below the poverty line.

So, what’s being done to help the farmers and to ensure sustainability for the booming chocolate industry?

The growing trend of superfoods

The first ever superfood cocktail bar in Europe has opened in London. Tanya’s Café in Chelsea is part of the growing trend of so-called superfood which sparked a sudden surge in the purchase of particular foods. But some health experts have put the trend down to good branding and marketing.

Production team: Zay Arguelles, Samuel Gould and Unsah Malik

Proposed smoking ban in London parks

Every year more than 8,000 Londoners die prematurely from tobacco. The city’s air is more polluted than any other part of Britain. London Health Commission has proposed a ban on smoking in some of London landmarks.

Production team: Anjali Mandalia (presenter), Andrea Kmeťová, Zay Arguelles and Samuel Gould.

Cafe art homeless photography calendar launch

Production team: Andrea Kmeťová (presenter), Zay Arguelles, Samuel Gould and Anjali Mandalia.

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