Shoreditch ‘Meows’: The Rise of Cat Cafés

Cats are running the interweb, that’s a fact. Now, it seems like they are taking over the real world.

Lauren Pears, owner of Lday Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Shoreditch is set to be the home to London’s very first cat cafe. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is opening soon, near the trendy Brick Lane, at Bethnal Green Road. The café was granted planning permission in September and ever since, the team behind Lady Dinah’s have been busy taking care of the cats and working on the building to get the Emporium fit for cats and people.

Lauren Pears, an Australian-born entrepreneur, introduced the idea of a cat café in the UK in a crowd funding campaign at the beginning of the year. It proved to be really popular and garnered much support and raised a total of £109,510. As we draw closer to Lady Dinah’s grand opening, the excitement hasn’t wavered. Continue reading “Shoreditch ‘Meows’: The Rise of Cat Cafés”

First cat cafe in UK to open after crowdfunding success

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium will be opening soon in the East End of the city after successfully reaching their target in the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

This means that cat and coffee lovers in London will be able to enjoy them both at the same time. The crowdfunding campaign for the cat cafe closed on 15th of February and raised a total of £109, 510, which is a little over its original funding goal of £108, 000.

Lauren Pears, an Australian-born entrepreneur, is to introduce the very first cat cafe in the UK. After reaching the target, she said that Lady Dinah is registering the business, scouting for properties and talking to suppliers so that the cafe would be on a roll as soon as possible. “A heartfelt thanks to our many lovely supporters. You are the reason we can share the cat love,” she posted on the cafe’s website.

Lady Dinah is targeting customers whose living circumstances or busy schedules won’t allow them to have pets of their own which are proving to be very common in London.

Cat-lover Stephanie Sandro, 22, thinks that the cat cafe is a good idea. “I can’t have my own cat at my accommodation. Not only that they don’t allow cats but my roommate is also allergic to feline hair,” she said. “Having that cafe would ease the frustration of not having a cat of my own.”

Leanor Calaca, 33 year-old artist, said: “I’m currently keeping my pets in Portugal with my mum and I can tell you I miss them dearly. Having a place I could go to for a snack and a purring cuddle would be a dream.” She also added that this is a lovely idea to take some sociable pets out of shelters into more pet-friendly locations.