My name is Zay Arguelles.

Hi! My name is Zay Arguelles.

I am currently a trade and investment assistant at the commercial office of the Philippine Embassy in London. Previously, I’ve worked as a freelance correspondent for ABS-CBN’s Europe News Bureau.

In 2015, I completed a degree in journalism at City University London – where I have taken modules in humanitarian reporting and international news. My unwavering interest in both fields fuels my youthful idealism that telling stories and presenting them responsibly is a duty. It is a commitment to inform and show the world what’s going on, which help shift focus on important issues and set the global agenda to then effect change (with a healthy dosage-slash-filter of awareness and pragmatism, of course).

I am a digital and social media native with training to work in different multimedia platforms. I am also an enthusiastic reader (read: I have piles and piles of to-be-read books and notes and notes of to-buy lists). I am a foodie (eat too much and take unnecessary amount of #foodstagram) and an ardent follower of lifestyle, beauty and fashion trends (buy more clothes and make-up than what’s good for me).

Originally from the Philippines, I am now based in West London.