The Host by Stephenie Meyer | Book Review

This book is described as a “science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction”. That’s about right because the story doesn’t really revolve around the sci-fi aspect of it but rather on the human aspect. And yes, that includes the drama and, of course, romance! But hey! IT IS NOT A LOVE STORY! It is so much more than that. The love story can be your most favourite thing about it, however it is not mine and I don’t see it as the focus of the book.

This is a huge book so, if you like it, it’s gonna be a long amazing read. It’s also just one book. It doesn’t have any sequels like most fictions nowadays… or not yet, anyway. Stephenie Meyer promised a sequel to this novel ages ago but it was only recently that she confirmed that she’s writing The Seeker.

Back to the book.

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